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Metered Taxi v. Coupon Taxi :Manila International Airport 작성자 : 에이플러스
작성일 : 2017-10-07, 조회수 : 244

Manila International Airport: Metered Taxi vs. Coupon Taxi


To be able to choose whether to take the metered taxi or the coupon taxi, I will make a comparison. I hope this helps you decide what to take.




1. Coverage


The metered taxi can only go to destinations within Metro Manila.
2. Number of Passengers


The number of passengers that this taxi can comfortably accommodate is 3 passengers, excluding the driver. This taxi option only offer sedans and not vans.


3.  Luggage capacity


The luggage compartment of a regular car can only accommodate 3 medium sized luggage.


4. Rates


Rates are based on the taxi´s meter. Flagdown rate is P70.00 and P4.00 after every 300 meters. For example: taxi cost from the airport to Taguig City or Makati City is P160 pesos compared to  the fixed rate of the coupon taxi of P440.







1. Coverage

The coupon taxi can  destinations within Metro Manila and the provinces. To see the destinations covered, see the following: Metro Manila, provinces, hotels.


2. Number of Passengers

The coupon taxi has both a van and a car. Therefore, if you are a large group you can choose to take the van  so you can all ride together.


3.  Luggage capacity

Since a coupon taxi has vans available for hire, it will be the best option for you if you have large luggage or several luggage that would not normally fit in a car´s luggage compartment.


4. Rates

Rates are fixed.

Check out fixed rates  at the following destinations:Airport to hotelAirport to different areas of Metro ManilaAirport to provincial destinations


My tip: When my kids were small, we rode the coupon taxi because we needed to ride together in one van so my husband and I can help each other supervise the kids and take care of the luggage. Only the coupon taxi offers a van that could fit all of us. These days, since 3 of our four kids are teenagers, we can separate and use 2 metered taxis instead, Hiring 2 metered taxi is still cheaper than hiring 1 van coupon taxi. And our kids are fairly independend and can even help with the luggage.



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